Hiring a Coach
A coach works with you to open the doors of possibility and bring forward  momentum to your business.

Who needs a Coach?

Coaching services are available to individuals and organizations who are undergoing change, growth, expansion, or start-up.

What does a Coach Do?

A coach brings education, training and experience to you in many areas including decision making, direction,  business launches,  or change. Coaching often times helps uncover the obvious.

Why would I hire a Coach?

Usually, your best ideas are at your fingertips, but you find you are unable to uncover a reachable solution. A Coach works with you to help reveal your very own answer and access your desired outcome. A Coach helps you develop an approach that aligns you with your own mission.

What will you do as my Coach?
I am  committed to assisting and guiding you towards the next step.
Change is difficult, but be assured that you have a Coach who will work with you, as part of your team, through decision making and change.

Management Support Services

Advice, Coaching and Consulting for CEO's, Managers, and Business Owners

Ready for a Business Lift?

Hire a Coach!

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My Commitment to You

    You are treated with courtesy, confidentiality and integrity and given a  guarantee of  realistic, honest services which achieve results. You will be led on a course of forward moving action and guided to implement solutions  which will put obstacles behind you.

  My consistent track record of uncompromising results gives you the confidence and trust needed to make the right decision for your business.

"My reward is seeing you move forward"

Lori E. Souza, MBA
Business Coach
& Consultant

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